My name is Mrs. jigg, and I love making beautiful messes with my two year old daughter, “The Dumpling”.

I worked in financial marketing communications in Boston and New York City for ten years prior to relocating to Hong Kong in 2017 to become a stay-at-home-mom. As a result, I went from struggling to find more time to spend with my daughter to figuring out what I’m going to do with her all day now that she’s under my watch 24/7.

The answer is lots of arts and crafts! With a focus on using common materials and upcylcing household items, I make things for my daughter and often involve her in the process. Asking the Dumpling to “help” actually requires its own planning and preparations because I put a lot of thought into selecting age appropriate activities and thinking of ways to “toddler-proof” them. The former involves taking her interests, learning, and fine motor skills into consideration; the latter consists of figuring out the optimal setup to help her complete the task on hand. This blog shares my findings as well as my parenting adventures as an expat mom. I hope you enjoy!