Mrs. jigg’s Lollipop Theater

The Dumpling got into nursery rhymes lately after watching The Mother Goose Club. To make storytelling a bit more interactive and personal, I decided to write my own and narrate it through a homemade cardboard stage. The plot is based on true events, although names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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The Bunny Who Refused to Nap

There was once a little bunny who refused to nap.
He ran around the meadow and drove his mother mad.
He hopped with a frog.
He pranced with a deer.
He climbed with a squirrel.
He fished with a bear.

His poor mother chased him all around.
She couldn’t get a break
Because her little bunny wanted to stay awake.

The little bunny was finally tired by nighttime
And hopped straight into bed.
His mother opened a bottle of wine
And poured herself a glass…or three of red!


Behind the scenes:

Building the stage: Cut open a side of a cardboard box and attach strips of self-adhesive velcro (side “A”)  to the back. Poke holes on the bottom.
FullSizeRender (1)
Gathering the talent: Print and cut out desired backgrounds and characters. (Freepik is an amazing resource.) Add strips of velcro (side “B”) to the back of the backdrops and cutouts. Wrap velcro (side “A”) around lollipop sticks and insert them to the bottom of the stage. Fasten the characters onto the sticks and let the show begin!

The Dumpling kept grabbing and putting the props in her mouth, so I ended up ditching the stage altogether and moved the characters around with my hand. She eventually succeeded in gouging the bunny’s eyes out and then kidnapping him altogether. I spent the next few minutes chasing her around the coffee table to rescue my blinded actor.

This play has indeed become a tragedy.

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